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Welcome to Monticello Physical Therapy Services

Since 1989 Monticello Physical Therapy has been helping people help themselves. This is the foundation of our philosophy.

Monticello Physical Therapy is an outpatient facility specializing in pain relief and recovery through the use of today's latest physical therapy techniques and technology. With years of hands-on experience, we're dedicated to helping you return to normal activity with the best quality of life possible. 

Our skilled staff will develop a personalized treatment plan designed to help you recover your strength.....and your independence!

Physical Therapy in Monticello KY

Areas of treatment include:

  • post-operative orthopedic therapy
  • chronic and acute pain management
  • neurological and balance impairments
  • musculoskeletal injury
  • walker, cane, and crutch fitting prednisone and training
  • gait and balance training
  • massage and thermal agents
  • manual therapy